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Nicoletta Cerasomma



I was born in Lucca and I learned to see photographically thanks to my father's ambitions. To get a deeper understanding  of cultures which differ from mine is the purpose of my travels  around the world. When I was a child my father gave me the opportunity to see a little angle of this world with different eyes.


During my travels I learned to be introspective, more sensitive and look with my heart and shot thru my soul.I wish to catch the reality in her ordinary kindness respecting people in their context.

I use to shot my photographs as a reportage, like a travel reportage or a backstage event.I have studied Photography at C.R.D.U. of Pisa University and the teacher gave me a plan of work and useful tips that have been so useful and made me grow learning to see creatively. He left an unforgettable mark.


Official photographer for “I concerti degli angeli”, a season of lyric concerts and operas in Lucca. Thanks to this opportunity I increased my knowledge about opera’s world and I familiarize myself with the theatre lights.This was my first experience inside a theatre. But I thought this could be the right way so I went on shooting for “LuccaOPERAfestival”.

This have been a succesful experience so the organization wanted me as a member of their staff, and now our collaboration will be renewed in 2014. Also, I have done different shows and concerts around Tuscany, shooting musicians and singers, dancers and actors in different contexts.


Photographer during public and historical event in Lucca, learning in this way how to shot good portraits and have public relations with characters and groups. Thanks to “Compagnia Balestrieri, Sbandieratori e Musici” and “Fortress of Verrucole”.


Photographer in sport events, fashion and shows.Thanks to a famous hair stylist in Lucca I have been able to work with models and fashion stylists. And also thanks to Paintball Lucca, joining the action world.


Personal and Collective exhibitions since 2006.Publications on local and foreign newspapers and magazines.

Facebook Page: NicolettaCerasommaPhotographer 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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